Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Napoli, Italy - I'm Eating My Words

I admit it. I was harsh on Napoli. The train station area is BAD - crowded and dirty. Napoli is crowded with a population of over 6 1/2 million people. But I took some tours around town today on one of those double decker tour buses. They had 3 different tours you could take and I ended up taking 3, but 2 were the same. I forgot to bring my camera this morning so I took 2 of the tours without a camera. I missed a lot of wonderful pictures. I was hoping to take the 3rd tour and the scenic tour before the end of the day - after I went home to get my camera, and I ended up only being able to take the scenic tour. I might sign up for these tours again before I leave and do the on and off the bus thing. The tour ticket was 22 euro for 24 hours. The tours ran from about 9:30 am to 4 pm and each took about 75 minutes - mostly due to the traffic. But Napoli really is a vibrant, crazy city and I am seeing the charm. I never thought I'd say that! Here are some pictures I took.
This is the castle on near the wharf and across the street from my apartment. This is what I walked around - twice last night.

Mt Vesuvius towers over the city. It is actually 2 volcanos. It can be seen from in front of my apartment.

Scenes from the bus:

BTW, those tall thin trees are called umbrella pines.

This is another castle on the bay; not too far from "mine"

And of course a few water pictures:

Traffic and boats from the safety of my bus. I have taken to walking beside someone to cross the street - hopefully someone old and fast.

Later I'll post pictures of my apartment.

I am having a heck of a time finding a place that sells dog food. I saw a relatively big supermarket from the bus but I think it is pretty far from where I am staying. I found a medium sized supermarket tonight but they didn't sell dog food. That was strange - and they couldn't tell me where to buy any. So I bought some ground chicken and cooked it for Seymour but he isn't crazy about it. That poor guy's stomach is like mine - not used to the different foods we are eating - and he has had to eat a lot of different kinds of dog food - I mostly have a choice of my foods.

So, now I am recommending visiting Napoli but if you come you HAVE to take a bus tour to get a feel for the city.

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