Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crazy Travel the Last Three Weeks Here - Already Updated

I have been trying to plan how to get to my last places, Matera, Napoli and Palermo - and then back to Rome. I couldn't have chosen a worst group of places to visit, in terms of getting to them. Here's the best I have found, but I won't know if any of my plans will work until I check with the people at the train and bus stations:

Arezzo to Matera - there are number of ways to get there - none direct, and all take many hours. My plan is to take the EuroStar from Arezzo to Napoli, then I will have to wait over 4 hours to catch the bus from Napoli to Matera. There is another train that gets you close to Matera, but then you have to take a bus anyway. Still working this out, even though I need to leave on Tuesday.

Matera to Napoli - this actually seems pretty easy. There is supposed to be a bus that goes directly to Napoli but it takes 7 hours.

Napoli to Palermo, Sicily - Oh boy, this is interesting. The ferries look like they don't run in November but I can take a train, that actually goes on a ferry across the ocean to Palermo that takes 9 1/2 hours. Poor Seymour's bladder!

Palermo to Rome - looks like there is an overnight train that you catch at 6:30 pm and it arrives at 7:08 am.

So, I will be traveling a lot the last few weeks. I may have to rethink visiting Sicily and check the cancellation policy at the place in Palermo.

UPDATE: Right after I wrote this blog, I decided to cancel the trip to Sicily - it is just too much travel time. I had to pay a 50% cancellation fee which is about 110 euro but that is probably less than it would have cost me to travel there and back, not counting the stress on me and Seymour. So now I need to figure out where to go the last week I'm in Italy - within easy reach of Rome!


  1. have you met your new roommate yet? mary

  2. No, it's a bit strange. i think her bedroom is right next to mine but when I hear her open her door she is either heading outside or to the bathroom - neither seems like the right time to jump out of my room and say "hi". We haven't run into each other at all.

  3. All that traveling does sound pretty stressful. It's probably a relief for you to simplify things a bit. -Shannon