Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in Napoli, Italy - No Easy Task!

I kept thinking about having only one ticket for the bus and it was bugging me. So this morning I headed to the city center and asked at the Information Office where I could buy a ticket for the Marina bus. Well, there is only one place in town to get a ticket and it was probably 30 min. away - walking. I didn't have time to try to find it.

When Luigi was taking me to the bus stop, I mentioned it to him - in my few Italian words and he called his girlfriend to interpret. People do that a lot with me! Anyway, he took me to the travel agency to get the ticket. I could tell that they were not used to selling tickets for dogs. She went through the questions they usually ask: Name, age, etc. She decided to put my name in, but Seymour's age. They charge by age, but how dumb is that to do with a dog. Again, we had 2 different seat on two different rows.

I got to the bus and this really confused the bus driver. He had to call his supervisor and the part of the conversation I heard was "problem", "he's piccolo (small), Seats 17 and 19. So, he finally took me to my seat - 19 and we drove off. In about 30 minutes the bus stopped, and as last time, another driver took over. But they both came up to me and talked about the "problem". Then the new driver wasn't excited that I didn't understand anything he said to me. So, I sat there with Seymour on my lap,waiting for the person who had the seat next to me to come. To make matters worse, I went to take off my coat because I was pretty hot. I noticed that my sweater was split 1/2 way down the side! So the coat went back on!!

Finally, a woman boarded and she took seat 17 because the driver asked her to do that so I could have the 2 seats together. Now, that was a nice surprise. I am changing my opinion of Marino bus. They obviously don't have dogs riding and some of the drivers don't like it but the 2 today were very helpful. I hated to pay that extra money, but I was happy to get back to Napoli without a problem.

When I got here, I had to find where to buy my bus ticket and which bus to get on. I asked someone on the bus where Piazza Municipalia was and she showed me. By now it was dark.

Then I tried to follow the directions to the apartment but got totally lost - no surprise. I wish they would spend a little more on street signs in Italy. I called my host and our communication went a little like this:

Me: I can't find your place. I think I'm lost. I am right beside the castle
Carlos: OK, which side-a is-a the castle-a on -a? If-a you-a look-a at the boat-a,sea-a, ship-a, it-a should-a be-a on-a your-a right-a.
Me: OK, I am facing the castle and the Elete Clothing store it here.
Carlos: You-a are-a on-a the oppsite-a side-a of-a the-a castle-a.
Me: So should I go to the other side of the castle?
Carlos: Yes-a, and-a see-a the-a sea-a, boat-a, ship-a, and a big-a street-a, and I-a am-a the-a next-a street-a.
Me: OK, I'll go to the other side of the castle.

Now I have to say, I was having trouble understanding his English because he had a really strong accent. I probably should have told him to speak slow Italian!

So, it's not easy to get to the opposite side of the castle,and you have to cross 6 lane streets with crosswalks but no stop lights. It is scary!! But I did it again and he called me back to see where I was. Well, I found out that he didn't mean the "other side" of the castle, but the other "end" of the castle. So, I had to come back around the castle, risk mine and Seymour's life crossing the streets again and Carlos called "where are you now?" It ended up that he came out to the street and saw me. Thank goodness. These people that say that their place is "2 minutes" from the bus stop are either sprinters or have lost their watches!

But, I am here and I have 5 keys to get into the place. There is a door man until 8 pm but after that I need to use 2 keys to get in or out. If I want to use the elevator, I have to put 5 cents in the slot. Then I get to our mini suites and have to turn the next key 3 turns to the right to open the door and then 2 turns to the left to lock it. The next key is to my mini suite and the last key is to put in the slot that turns on the electricity in my room. I have a headache from thinking.

But, it's a nice place. Small but very modern. Again, if I remember I will take a picture. It is one room that has a little eating area, small kitchen area - with a microwave this time - a bed, a little balcony and a bathroom. This place costs 53 euro a night but as I said before, I am splurging on my last 3 stays. This host turned out to be very nice and very patient. He has just about all of the info I could ever want to read about Napoli and the surrounding areas. The ferry dock is "2 minutes" away to go to Capri. He actually pointed it out to me from my window.

I'm ready for my Napoli adventure - tomorrow.

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  1. Wow, Suz, what a day! You have more patience than I!