Sunday, November 13, 2011

Matera - More Pics and Stuff

The wifi goes in and out here so hopefully I can post this blog today. Otherwise there is wifi at my new place in Napoli.

I finally figured out the washing machine. I had never seen one like this. There is a lock to hold the top closed, then a flip tray for the detergent, then a stainless steel drum that you have to figure out how to open to put your clothes in.

I got it going and then about 30 minutes later, I kept hearing clicks and it wouldn't spin. I was a bit nervous when I opened it and then had to open the drum - thinking it could start anytime and pull off my arm. I finally took out a pair of jeans, set the timer forward a bit and it started. Whew! I would love to do one more load of clothes but I know they won't dry before I leave tomorrow.

Anyway, I mentioned all of the steps I am climbing. Here are a couple of pictures of the steps. In many areas they are steeper and more irregular but this is basically what they look like where people live.

Here are more pics of the town;

This could be a post card:

every time I look at this church in the rock, I am awed:

As I was walking around yesterday - during the rain and while all of the shops were closed for their LONG afternoon break, I found the castle. It was being renovated, as is much of the town, so I couldn't get in to see it. It is enormous!

They also discovered a whole city underground here - Roman, I think. again, it was closed but you could see the basic part of it :

The area with the fence is the town center, where many of the shops are located above the underground city.

Here is the little girl's fashion for the fall, as seen in a shop window. I'm not sure about that boa thingy but they also show women wearing it the same way.

And just to make you hungry, here are some pastries I bought. I think it cost just over 3 euro for these - again pretty reasonable - and delicious!

I haven't eaten out once since I've been here. I bought fresh pasta and sauce and salad fixings (and cookies and chocolate). I also found my new favorite, cherry jelly and got some sliced Italian bread to go with it. I am eating well!

Today I need to figure out where to buy a ticket for the bus for tomorrow. My hostess said that she would take me to the bus stop. She and her boyfriend are really sweet and want to be sure all my needs are met. We talked about them cooking dinner for me one day, but time is flying by so that probably won't happen. I bought them a bottle of wine for a thank you gift. I really would recommend this place if you ever come here. You just need to be prepared to climb that ladder into the loft bedroom every night!

One more thing - the cats and Seymour. They have 2 cats. The tan one is afraid of Seymour so Seymour does his alpha thing with it and it runs away. The black cat is more curious and will stand around looking big, and Seymour won't look at it in the eye and then Seymour starts to whimper. If the Dog Whisperer were a cat, he would be that black one.

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