Friday, November 4, 2011

I started off this morning not knowing what we were going to do today.

Pretend this is a "hidden object" game - can you find Seymour NOT wanting to get out of bed?

Unfortunately, he didn't have a choice. So, we went out and I didn't bring my umbrella - it was drizzling, I didn't bring my guidebook or my Italian notes. I went out for a coffee and ended up in Orvieto, Italy.

We went to the train station to see where different trains were going and decided to get a ticket for Orvieto. It is about 1 hour-ish away. On the way, we passed Cortuna, which is the place made famous by "Under the Tuscan Sun" and I have added visiting there to my "to do" list before I leave Arezzo.

Back to Orvieto. This is the place I tried to stay but couldn't find a reasonable place. Although I loved Orvieto, I'm glad my home base is Arezzo because it is less touristy.

When you get off of the train in Orvieto, you head to the funicular, which was just like the one in Livorno.

I took this picture through the window so you could see the funicular coming down the hill.

When you get to the top of the hill, you can either take a bus to the duomo or walk. A group of tourists following a woman with a flag took the bus; Seymour and I walked.

The town population is about 21,000 so it's a larger village with lots of upscale shops. The claim to fame is the Orvieto Cathedral/Duomo. It is a Gothic/Romaesque style with lots of mosaics. I don't think you can get a good feel of it through pictures. It is breath taking, but here's my try:

This was another church that I couldn't take Seymour in. The only good think is that I go in to the admission booth where they tell me I can't take him and that area is usually where the main part of the church interior is located so I do get to see some of it for free.

Around the church is a square that is filled with ancient buildings:

Here are some passageways, etc. that I always enjoying seeing - and sharing:

I saw this statue in a window and know (but forget) the artist. I love his work, though:

There is a city park at the edge of the city, so you can see the city walls, the views, and possibly parts of a castle.

This is a city worth spending a couple of days exploring. There is so much to see. Maybe next trip.

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Location:Ended Up in Orvieto, Italy

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