Friday, September 5, 2014

Boudin Balls and Other Stuff

We left Coushatta at about 11 am. The first part of the day was spent on back roads. That is what I love best. First we were on 190 out of Kinder, Louisiana, then turned onto Hwy 26 in Elton. The road was so calming.

I saw "Busters Live Crawfish Capital" in Elton but it wasn't open.

We headed back onto I 10 for most of the rest of the day. The interesting part of the road was when we went on long bridges over swamps. This was around exit 119 for miles.

I love the green and lush landscape, the Cajun music and food, but I can do without the heat and humidity. Even the van was humid.

I passed a sign for Billie's Boudin Balls and I was intrigued. So we stopped in Scott, LA to check them out. The place was just a brick building in the middle of a construction area but inside there was a line of people ordering various fried things, including the boudin balls. Here is one of my balls - that sounds bad, doesn't it?

I got two. They were as big as golf balls. I mostly ate the middle out of them because I wasn't sure if there was casing on them. I usually give Seymour a taste, but these were too spicy for him. I also saw a menu by the frozen food locker.

I wasn't ready to taste turkey necks, rabbit, alligator tail or snapping turtle. The boudin balls were enough.

We stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center. It had a great pet area. This is Seymour enjoying it.

We drove through periods of rain and I started to see dark clouds and heard on the weather report that thunderstorms were coming. So I made the decision to stop outside of Mobile in Saraland and camp at -

La Quinta. I spent a good part of my casino winnings to stay here and it was worth it. I can't wait to take a bath and watch some TV. In the morning they said they serve a HOT breakfast. A little pampering is just what we needed!

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  1. Susan,
    Mmmmmmmm boudain balls - did you like them? Thanks for the wonderful pics. Maybe send some of you, too.
    I enjoyed the "camping at... La Quinta" -- funny.
    Take care of all of you.

  2. Hey...I grew up eating boudin, rabbit, and alligator. It is why I'm mostly vegetarian now! Safe and happy travels to you!