Sunday, September 14, 2014

Eating My Way Through Pittsburgh

Before I left my brother's yesterday, I asked if he could get me one more piece of Beto's pizza - and he did! I then drove to the flea market where my friend, Lou had a booth - and as usual I got lost. When I called her the conversation went like this.
"Okay, I am at the Library Fire Station and I can't find you"
"We are in the long building right beside it. Do you see a lot of cars?"
"Yes, but it looks like they are all for sale."
"Wait, you are supposed to be at the Castle Shannon Fire Station."

Well, that made a difference! I finally found it and it was a great flea market that is only held twice a year. Unfortunately by the time I got there, many people were packing up. I did find a few things I probably didn't need, but I wish I had been there earlier.

Then I went back to Lou and Mike's house and Lou and I decided to go to the casino. Neither of us won, but I did get some French fries with gravy in their food court. That is not easily found in Texas.

On the way home we stopped for necessities - ice cream, donuts and apple pie English muffins. The exciting thing is that I found a Maple donut, another thing I cannot find in any grocery store near my house. The only reason I can take a picture of it is because I haven't made my coffee yet this morning. Gotta have coffee with my donut!

Today I will be visiting my friend Pam's in Monongahela, which is where both of my children were born. I hope to take a picture of our old house and drive around a little.

Tomorrow I leave for home, but I still haven't figured out which way to go. I might set my GPS for less highways and see where that takes me.

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