Monday, September 15, 2014

Remember When-

Sunday I drove to Monongahela to see my friend Pam and her family. Along the way I stopped at places from my past. This is the first house we owned when I was first married. I was always afraid that the kids would fall off of that high porch. To the right is the house Pam lived in when I met her. Notice the cobblestone street!

This is where my kids went to elementary school. It is now abandoned and was just sold. It was in the parking lot of that school that I learned to drive a stick shift. I went up and down the hills of the parking lot to practice stopping and going using the brake and clutch.

This was the hospital where both children were born. It was only a few blocks from our house. It is now an apartment for the elderly.

Things had really changed!

Then we went to Pam and Dennis's house and this is the first thing I see when pulling in their driveway-

Yep, their generous and sweet daughters bought their Dad a 1977 (1976?) Corvette a few months ago. Now that's a gift!

We caught up with life for awhile and their daughter and granddaughter came over. I was looking forward to meeting the new baby. They call her Lexi and she is adorable.

After continuing to eat my way through my trip with eggplant Parmesan, cheese burgers and pumpkin pie, I reluctantly headed out before it got too dark. Having no dashboard lights is a hindrance! I got back to my home base - thanks Mike and Lou for putting up with me, my dogs and my "stuff" - we watched football, I ate her yummy meatloaf, and we looked at the map to try to figure out how I will go home. I still haven't quite figured that out. But I know that I am going to miss everyone here!

I think that their cat Fred will finally enjoy having the run - or walk - of the house again.

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