Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Camper?

Today started out fine. Mike made me coffee and I enjoyed a piece of pound cake for breakfast. I made plans to visit my friend Sam for lunch. I packed up the camper, set my GPS to the right address and took off - a few feet. I smelled smoke, like someone was burning wood. Then I saw smoke pouring out of my car vents. I tried to grab the dogs but they kept running away from me to the other side of the van. Finally I grabbed them and we hurried back into Mike and Lou's house. I think Mike was getting ready to enjoy some time alone, but alas it was not to be. I looked up the names of auto repair places so I could tell AAA where to tow it. At least 7 places turned me down. Finally, Tony's Auto a Repair said they would look at it.

AAA came and Bill, the tow truck driver said he knew Tony so I feel more comfortable leaving it there.

Bye Meryl ( my camper). Hope you get well real soon!

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