Monday, September 22, 2014

Home Again

I continued my vacation eating today. First Mary made coffee and bacon. Then we went out for donuts - found cream filled maple and couldn't resist. Less than 2 hours later, Mary suggested trying a good restaurant in her town that had good catfish. I wasn't hungry but was still on vacation eating time, so we went for an early lunch sharing (thankfully) a catfish platter.

Just after we got back to the house, the dogs were staring intently at something -

Rick's lunch! He was good and didn't give the dogs any table food, but they still waited, just in case.

When we finally left for home, I stopped at a little grocery store that makes great sliced beef sandwiches. I wasn't in the least bit hungry, but one has to plan ahead! It was nice to get home but I dread unloading the camper. I will do that one of these days.

When I let the dogs out in the backyard for their last pre-bedtime pee, I was greeted by a familiar site.

We think it is a little owl that has taken to hanging out on my screened porch.
Yep, everything is back to "our" normal.

I have a few more tidbits of info I forgot to include in my blog. I will gather them and write one final note from our trip - later.

It was a great adventure!

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Location:Wimberley, Texas

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  1. So glad you're home and safe. I enjoyed the trip with you - very much. (Wish I could have enjoyed the food, too.) Looking forward to your wrap-up blog.
    Love lots,