Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Update on Camper Van

I got my camper back - this was written on the bill from auto repair "blower mower resistor had aluminum foil caught in it creating a short. Ferraro Chocolate". Now let me just say I have never eaten Ferraro chocolate in my camper. I think it had been causing my A/C blower problems for a long time. So, I am lucky the fire started in front of my friend's house in Pittsburgh instead of along the highway. The camper still smells pretty badly. The repair people said they are still laughing.

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Location:Pittsburgh, PA


  1. Yes, glad the problem happened where it did. Does your AC work now? Looks like you'll have rain tomorrow and then a cool front, so maybe AC is not too important. As for the smell, there's lots of ideas online. Be safe.
    Hugz, Joan

  2. As long as the smoke smell is left over from yesterday, I am okay with it!

  3. So glad you got your house back, Susan. Thanks for all the great stories--I love the baby carriers for your pups. Must get one for Maggie. Take care! Lynne