Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What a Day!

Last night I checked Google maps to see how far it was to Crater of diamonds State Park. Since it said it was about 450 miles I decided to take it easy this morning.
I went out to breakfast, did laundry, and went to a few stores to find diamond mining tools. Then I put the address in my GPS and started out. Unfortunately, the GPS said the park was over 850 miles away. What? Which was wrong? Google maps was wrong.

Since I had to be there tomorrow afternoon, I had to drive as much as possible today. Of course there were road construction sites all along the highways. I wanted to get through Nashville so I didn't have to deal with rush-hour in the morning. I finally got into - yes another Motel 6 at 9 PM tonight. I still have about 425 miles to go tomorrow. So much for moseying on home. The good news is that I fiddled with my light switch during one of the construction delays and got my Dashboard lights to work! That almost makes up for the crazy drive today. Almost, but not quite. We will probably leave by 8:30 AM tomorrow to get to the park by about 5 PM. I guess the diamond mining will start the next day. By the way, Zooey seems better this evening.

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  1. i'm awake super early this morning. i'm catching up on your blog.. I'm so glad that Zooey is better and that you got your dash lights working!! Good luck at the diamond mines. love you! mary