Saturday, September 6, 2014

Morning at La Quinta

It was nice to sleep in a large room and a large bed but the dogs still gently pushed me over until I was hanging onto the side of the King sized bed this morning. I don't know how that happens!

For some reason, they put us on the second floor at the hotel, which is great for exercise but a pain when you have to let the dogs out. The carpet on the stairs is dark so I have to carry Seymour up and down the stairs because his cataracts make it difficult for him to see. I am dreading the many trips I will need to make this morning to get all of us and our stuff back into the camper.

On a lighter note, here was my breakfast. Lots of protein to keep me energized for driving.

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Location:Saraland, Alabama

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  1. Love that you are keeping the blog so I can keep up and almost feel like I'm there! Safe travels today. Can't wait to hear where you end up tonight! xoxo -Shannon