Friday, September 19, 2014

Crater of Diamonds - One More Day

I again tried my hand at diamond searching - first using the dig-rinse-sift method. I didn't find any diamonds but I think my hands look younger after playing in the mud for 2 days. I guess it wouldn't be proper to stick my face in the mud! But while I was sifting, a young man found a 1/2 carat yellow diamond out in the field. So, this afternoon, I walked the fields, sweating profusely, looking for sparkles. No luck. I am not sure I have the energy to try again in the morning. But I do finally know what a diamond looks like in the ground.

I am thinking twice about going to Hot Springs. It is further away than I realized. I probably should have gone there first but I was afraid that I wouldn't get a campsite here for the weekend. It is already getting crowded in the diamond fields so I imagine that the weekends are crazy.

They do have a playground and pool here so in the summer, it would be fun for kids. But I can't imagine looking for diamonds in weather hotter than this - and it is hot here in the afternoon.

This is being sent from the bench in front of the laundry - no more wifi access in my camper now that I had to move one space away from perfection.

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Location:Murfreesboro, Arkansas


  1. Did you get in that pool? Was there water in it? I couldn't tell. Stay hydrated. Funny stuff about the face-in-the-mud! Keep posting!

    1. No water in the pool, unfortunately. Of course I have no swimsuit either so that worked out.