Sunday, September 7, 2014

Starting the Day with a Little Whine

I loved Fort Yargo State Park. It is such a beautiful setting that they said they hold weddings there. The lake is amazing. Our campsite was private and surrounded by large pines and other vegetation. I could easily have stayed there another night. Cost was $35 including park entrance fee.

You can rent a yurt on the lake for $70 a night. I didn't get to see them but it is on my bucket list to do sometime. Now the whine starts. This morning when I was heating up water for my coffee, my microwave died! Not before coffee! Then I noticed that 2 of my tires were low. I went to two different gas stations to use their air pump and I couldn't get the tires aired up. Now I am thinking that I was supposed to press in the handle to get the air to work. I will google that. Maybe it was lucky that my tires were low because a truck threw pieces of tire all over the road in front of me and I had no choice but to hit some. So far, my tires still look low, but okay.

We drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains and the scenery actually made me gasp a few times. So beautiful! This picture doesn't do it justice but it's all I could take.

My GPS took me to the underbelly of Asheville. Not the best first view of this town. I finally had to ask two people how to get to the center of town. It was easy to see why they say old hippies retire there - or open shops! The town was so crowded that there wasn't a parking spot to be found. I did see a couple small busses that took people around town but I didn't take the time to find out where you boarded them. It's a shame that this cool town has been discovered in a big way. Here are a few pictures I took while driving, but it was just outside of the downtown area.

It was starting to get late, so I decided to drive further to find a place to stay. We continued to go up and down the mountains. Going up wasn't bad but going down was a little scary because I could feel my brakes pumping or bumping. I saw a sign for a State Park but the problem is, it doesn't say how far off the highway it is. The park yesterday was 11 miles off the highway. So, we drove on. Toward the bottom of one mountain we saw a sign for Johnson City. It is a relatively big place with a Target, JCP, Sears and many of the other big box stores - oh, and it had a Motel 6, which accepts pets for no extra charge. Yep, we are camping in a motel again, using free wifi, watching TV, the dogs are sleeping in their crate and I am writing my blog. I am getting ready to take a long shower.

BTW, I have already been to Target to buy a small coffee maker and some coffee.

We are about 420 miles from Pittsburgh so I expect to be there on Tuesday.

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Location:Johnson City, Tenn


  1. Motel camping. A favorite.
    Pretty little town and lovely shot of the mountains.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Pet the pups.

  2. You've had an interesting trip so far. I would get those tires taken care of as ASAP. Glad you got the coffee and maker. There are some things a person just can't do without. -g

    1. I think I aired up the tires correctly now. And I'm trying my new coffee pot this morning. I am a happy camper.

  3. that's my kind of camping!! love you , Mary