Saturday, September 13, 2014

One Advil Later -

Yesterday, my sis-in-law, her daughter and I walked through downtown Pittsburgh, took the T under the river, spent a little time at the Rivers Casino and walked past all 3 stadiums. Things have really changed in Pittsburgh. I only recognized a few things, the old Kaufman's clock where we would always meet people, and this Lutheran church that is in between some big office buildings in town.

The skyline is really beautiful but was too large to get a good picture. This is from the North Shore area.

Here is the Gateway Clipper with the incline to Mt Washington in the background. People over 65 can ride the incline for free just by showing their Medicare card. In the downtown area, anyone can ride the T for free so we did take advantage of that.

After miles of walking, including many steps, we decided to stop to eat. My niece Kelly found a great place. It is called Rivertowne Brewery. They had many menu items that were new to me. We each decided to get different kinds of pizza and share it. Marcia go Pierogi Pizza, Kelly got some kind of Chicken Wing Pizza and I got the most tame, Ohio a River Pizza. I may have the names a little off, but it is close. I almost tried the Rueben Pizza but we already were having sauerkraut on Marcia's pizza so that was experimental enough. The Pierogi Pizza was better than I expected. I would go back.

Then we walked past the Pirates stadium and people were already arriving for the game. I wanted my picture taken with the Roberto Clemente statue - he was my hero growing up. You will notice we have no dogs with us. That was a nice break.

We drove home and the first thing I did was take an Advil. I don't think my legs and knees have had such a workout since I was in Italy. We were going to go out last night but we all agreed that we needed a rest. Instead we got ice cream from Dairy Queen and watched the Pirates win.

This morning Marcia had to go to work so my brother and I bonded for awhile. The dogs kinda bonded. I heard that my niece Colleen came over yesterday while we were out and she opened the bathroom door and Zooey ran out. Zooey was afraid of Izzy so Colleen ran all around the house trying to catch her while Zooey ran away from Izzy. My brother thought it was pretty funny. I wish we had a video of it! This is the best picture I could get of all of the dogs here.

I am heading back to my friend's house for the night but will visit her at a flea market where she has a booth, later this morning. Luckily it is cool enough here to leave the dogs in the van. I think it is in the 50's and is only going up to the 60's today. I love this cool weather!

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  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Really enjoying the pictures!! (Just one Advil works?)
    Thanks for keeping us all posted! Big Hugs!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting!