Friday, September 19, 2014

Crater of Diamonds - Most Dog Friendly Park Ever!

What a great park for people with pets!

I have not seen one sign saying "No Dogs". We walked through the Welcome Center, into the bathrooms, into the laundry and into the diamond fields - no problem. I've never seen a park this friendly. And, I haven't seen any pet owner abuse the privilege. I could easy stay here another week, if I had the time and money! I plan to come back and hopefully stay in site 10.
Today I will do more diamond hunting in the morning and then move our camper to site 11 for one more night.

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  1. Adorable dawggie pic! Did the pups do any digging? Did Zooey look at you like, "what are we doing here" -- I remember her not even wanting to venture into my back yard.
    Really enjoying your posts!

  2. The dogs were happy to be carried most of the time - a bit spoiled maybe?