Friday, September 5, 2014

Leaving Coushatta Today - Really

We did our usual yesterday - walking, eating, reading and playing the slots - and repeat. The big problem we are having is fighting the with biting flies. I don't remember the flies biting like that at home. It is crazy hot and humid here but I started wearing a coat to keep myself from being bitten. Even Seymour didn't want to go outside. Between the loud noises and the flies, Seymour is becoming a recluse! I won't miss those flies but unfortunately one has taken up residence in our camper. BTW, I am leaving with more money than I started with!

When we arrived, there were very few RV's here. Most of the enormous campers were parked near the clubhouse and casino. Two of us are at the far end of the campground near the bathroom. Priorities! Here are the dogs resting in the vast open area beside our van. Off in the distance, you can see the chalets they rent. A few are even dog friendly.

On the table is one of my favorite camping tools, thanks to my daughter. I have never hooked up my water (maybe some day I will learn how to do it) so I do my dishes in this nifty foldable sink. Love it!

I am not sure where we are going today, but I think I will be driving toward Biloxi and Mobile, Alabama. I can't wait to start going north. Maybe it will be cooler. At this temperature, we would not be able to stay anywhere without electricity - need that A/C! Hopefully I will find a place with wifi again soon.

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