Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Odds and Ends From Our Trip

1 This is what my camper bed looked like after a night staying in a motel - I had things in so many plastic bags, that my friend asked if I would like to borrow a suitcase! Some things are still in plastic bags!

2. Part of my trip was on the Trail of Tears. I wish I had spent more time learning the history of that highway.
3. It's great to be able to get breakfast at any time at Jack in the Box. I was often off to such a late start that breakfast was all ready over in most places.
4. I think there are more Waffles Houses in the east than even dollar stores. How many people eat there?
5. Motel 6 and La Quinta are the only motels I know of that allow pets at no extra charge. La Quinta was a little more expensive but did serve a hot breakfast. Motel 6 only had coffee.
6. I went through Traveler's Rest in South Carolina. Some marketing person must have named that city.
7. I also drove right through Hollywood, Arkansas - almost missed seeing it.
8. I forgot to put this picture on my blog. It is the Gateway Clipper and the Mt Washington Incline in Pittsburgh.

9. This is the famous restaurant in Pittsburgh that puts french fries directly on sandwiches and on salads. I didn't stop there this time.

10. When I make a wrong turn, my GPS no longer says "Make the first legal U turn"; now it just guides me in a new direction. This time it took me past a beautiful Arabian Horse farm just outside of Monongahela, PA. It was about 20 times larger and more beautiful than this picture. What a pleasant surprise!

11. This was the statue outside of the Pittsburgh Penguin's stadium.

12. There is a cute little children's amusement park in Noonday, Texas.

13.. Back to the Asylum - this is one part of the building. It is symmetrical so you could fold it in half and everything would match. This section is the center and the watch tower.

14. This is one of the children's rooms in the Asylum that has been restored. I am obsessed with this place. Maybe in a past life I was here - hopefully as a doctor or nurse and not as a patient! If you ever do visit Weston, W Va, do tour this and ask for Michael. Tell him the lady with the dogs sent you.

16. I wish I could be in 2 places at once - I already miss my family and friends in the Pittsburgh area, but missed my family and friends here when I was traveling.

16. I am already missing a little adventure. I loved traveling mostly without a plan and discovering things I never expected. I now have to save up for our next trip to ???

The End

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  1. Wow! What a variety of things to share in your wrap-up! Ah, yes, the Asylum. Too scary for me. Now, the Waffle Houses, that's my kind of place -- I like their waffles crispy! All of your info and pics almost make me want to take a road trip. Are the pups acting like they're glad to be home?

  2. We are all glad to be home but wish a good fairy would unpack and clean the camper for us :-)