Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cool Tour Today

We took our time leaving the campground this morning because the friend I was going to stay with tonight had to work today. I decided to drive through downtown Weston, WV because it said it was a historic town.

I saw a sign for a tour of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. It sounded interesting so I went to find the tour. When we found it, I saw 3 people sitting by the fountain who looked like they might be going to play the part of inmates and a young man standing outside the door. He said he was a tour guide and said it was fine for me to carry the dogs on the tour. I signed up for the 45 minute tour for only $10. There was also an hour and a half tour for $30. When we went in, I asked the lady who had been sitting by the fountain if she would take a picture of me and the dogs. She did but I found that her group was actually taking the tour with me.

The tour guide, Michael was excellent. I think he went above and beyond when describing and showing us the buildings. He did look the part!

The building is 25 ft shy of a quarter mile long. It is very impressive looking.

There is one room where they say they have detected paranormal activity from a little girl name Lilly. He said that if you look on uTube, you can learn more about her. I plan to do that. This is her room.

There was so much more I learned about this place but it would take a few pages to write it all. After the tour, you could go to the museum rooms and see patient notes, tortures that thought helped patients, and a list of reason for being committed. Some of the reasons were ridiculous - things like "being depressed",
"being kicked by a horse", "trouble", "sunstroke" and "jealousy". They made me sad to think about how many people were confined for no good reason.

I recommend this tour to my Pittsburgh friends. It is only about 2 hours away and you won't be disappointed.

Then we headed onward. We stopped at a rest area and I always think my vehicle is bigger than it is. When the signs say trucks and RV's go to one parking lot and cars to another, I always go to the truck lot. Today it was obvious I was probably in the wrong lot.

I'm still laughing about it.

We got into Pittsburgh by 4 pm, just before my friend got home. We are now talking and relaxing and enjoying our time together, well except for a Seymour-cat run in. I am guessing that Seymour will be staying away from the cat during the rest of our stay.

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  1. Susan,
    Interesting place. Hilarious photo of your vehicle with it's big, big brothers. Hope Seymour is OK.