Saturday, September 17, 2011

After Italian Class on Friday

Finally finished our 2nd week of Italian class. I hope to spend some time this weekend organizing my notes. Thanks to my poor understanding of spoken Italian, I heard that we were having a lunch after class and since I haven't gone to many activities, I decided to go. Another student was going to show me where the phone store was located so I could get the battery in my European cell phone replaced. It wasn't holding a charge. But I told her about the luncheon and she also decided to go. BTW I think we both would agree that we have something in common - basic Italian language skills. About 10 min. into the luncheon (where they had to add more chairs) she said to me "I think we were supposed to sign up for this". Then I noticed that everyone at the luncheon was finished with class and were leaving- all but the other student and myself! Oops! Everyone was polite and we had a good lunch but I am smiling at having made another mistake.

After lunch we went to the supermarket since the phone store was closed until 4 pm. As with many stores here, they close from about 1 to 4 - and 4 is an "ish".

I found out that my phone battery won't work in Italy and it would cost me almost as much for a new battery as a new phone. I will make sure I do an Amazon review on that useless phone! So I opted out of using a phone to call around Italy. I did purchase a sim card for my iPad at 39 euro for 2 months of service. If it works, I will not have to go to piazza grande to use the Internet AND I will have access to goggle translate at my house!! What a help that will be since Paulina leaves tomorrow and Fiorella and I both call for her help when my poor Italian is not understood. Cross your fingers for me. I should know if it works within an hour or so.

We then took the local bus to go home and decided to stay on to see all of the town. This bus went to the old church I have only seen from a distance. We didn't get off because we both had heavy bags of groceries.

When we were getting up to get off at piazza grande (a very good place to exit the bus because both of our houses were downhill from there). We saw that there was a wedding going on. Here is the bride:

There was also a circle of men singing beautiful harmony near the bride. I don't know if that is tradition, but it was amazing. The acoustics there were perfect. Here are the men-

There was also a table set up near my well:). It was decorated for the wedding but I couldn't tell if they were serving food, wine or both. Sorry the picture is so far away.

I was told that the wedding usually takes place in a church but they also have to go to city hall, which is at piazza grande. It's like the reception was being held right in front of us. These experiences really make this city special.

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  1. That's so neatr! It sounds like such a magical town to spend time in! I'm glad you are getting to experience these things!

  2. I probably would have never visited this town if it wasn't for the language school - lucky find!