Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog Malfunction it's Finally Working

Well,ever since I got my You Tube account working and had to change the password because I couldn't remember it, I can now no longer use my gMail or BlogPress accunt where I post my pictures. Only my blogspot account is working and I can't post pictures from it.

So, I will keep trying to fix it. It would be sad if I couldn't post pictures anymore but I guess I could just email my blog and pictures to you all if I had to.

Update: All is well for now. The latest post is out of order and is right before this one. Now I have to finish (OK, start) my Italian homework1


  1. Ugh--technology! Hope you get it working. LOVE to see the pics!

  2. Cool! I wrote that email to you right before I read this update. ha ha ... glad
    you got it to work.. I haven't taken the time to learn that stuff yet ,, but I plan to. CIAO Mary