Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I*ve Learned So Far In Montepulciano

1. There is no ice - anywhere. That is an American thing. They figure that if something came from the refrigerator, it is cold enough.
2. A/C is rare. I guess one just gets used to the heat and stops sweating. I'm not sure if I will be here long enough for that to happen. I'm sure my hostess is wondering why I need a fan every night and I hope she never takes it back until I leave!
3. I'm not sure if it is everywhere, but when we ate dinner, they first served the pasta, then the salad and meat, then fruit or dessert. It seems that you don't drink with meals. Wine seems to be served before a meal - and probably after, also.
4. I was told that the fruits and veggies here are almost always organic.
5. I did look at some real estate prices. The lowest price I found for a small apartment was 120,000 euros. I think it was a very small apartment outside of the city walls.
6. Montepulciano is known for it's wine and special grapes - and is also very touristy. So, I understand that most of the shops will close in mid-September. I expect that the grocery store will stay open.
7. I love that they have trash containers all along the streets. I see people put out small plastic bags of trash in the mornings and the trash trucks come by and get them. I'm not sure if it is every day.
8. I have seen liter bottles of water at people's doorsteps. I don't know if they are delivered or where they magically come from. I want to find out more.
9. There are many dogs here and just about all are on leashes, thank goodness. As I said before, Seymour is the smallest dog I've seen so far.
10. Every place has allowed Seymour in, so far. Or if they have said otherwise, I haven't understood them.
11. I think that curly hair will be "in" soon. Many people here have curly hair. It makes me happy!
12. If you don''t have your own bag at the grocery store, they charge you 10 cents, which is about 15 cents American. Of course, I keep forgetting to bring my bag.

More later. My head is exploding with Italian words but few are sticking enough to use.

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  1. Love the musings! Makes me feel like I'm there! Keep them coming! And yay about curly hair! I might finally be trendy!