Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Italian Class Day 2

First, I will post pictures later today or tomorrow. I am at Il Sasso, our language school where I can get internet but I forgot to bring my camera adaptor for my iPad. I really recommend that Montepulciano be put on your list of places to visit. It is hard to show it in pictures. I would describe it as a midevil city built on the top of a hill. The city is built above the stone wall and everywhere you go, you have to go either up or down a hill. I should get strong legs and lungs - or die - in the month I'm here!

Seymour is doing better with his roomie, Keirkacoo (or some name like that). They both ran to the door barking when Fiorella's sister came last night.

Seymour and I walked to the supermarket last night to get some food for both of us. Although there was a sign on the door with a dog and a line through him, I had Seymour in his sling and no one stopped us. I've also gone into restaurants with Seymour to purchase water and it has been fine.

I am not supposed to get dinner as part of my room cost so I bought crusty bread and cheese - LOVE the crusty bread here. After I ate, Fiorella came to my room and asked me to eat with them. You can not refuse, so I ate a little. Now I will try to just eat a little food so I have room in case she invites me again tonight.

I asked her if I could buy a fan for my room and she gave me her fan. What a difference it made! It was still hot until early morning, but the fan helped very much. This morning was actually cool. I usually walk Seymour at 7 am, then we eat at 8 am and school starts at 8:45 am. School is about 10 minutes from our house. Paulina, the other room mate is from Poland and has been so helpful in translating for me. She had a year of Italian before she came and is now taking a 4 week course. She has no trouble communicating. So, I just need another year, 3 weeks and 3 days and I'll be fine :)

For breakfast Fiorella made us a kind of grilled cheese sandwich, some wonderful homemade sweetbread and then gives us each a croissant to take to the school for break. BTW, Seymour is an angel at school. He just sleeps on his blanket/sling until break and then I take him for walks. He is still a crazy dog around the dogs on the street. He is the smallest dog we have seen here.

The Italian lessons go quickly so I have to try to study as much as possible and re-organize my notes at night. Fiorella is constantly trying to talk to me in Italian and I usually just nod my head "yes". Who knows what I am agreeing to!

On my next post I will try to describe the city and include some pictures. But I do have to say that the steets are very narrow. Only people who live in the city can drive here. The streets are so narrow only one car can get by. There are no sidewalks, so when a car or bus comes by, Seymour and I hug the walls.

Lindalee, who is in my class and has been in Montepulciano on and off for the last month has been telling us the best places to buy bottled water, beer, coffee and food. Best means "least expensive".

The other students seem very nice. Most seem to be from Australia but there are 3 in my class from the USA.

So far, things are going well. I still wish I could find some summer clothes here! But I am not dripping as much today as yesterday!

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