Thursday, September 8, 2011

Il Sasso - Italian Class Day 4

Our school day consists of class, 30 min break in the late morning for espresso, and a 15 min break around lunch time. BTW, coffee here is espresso that you can add milk or water to. I am drinking 2 cups of that strong stuff every morning so even though I am tired, that could be the reason I'm having trouble sleeping. Anyway, we get out about 1:15 pm which is when most people get ready to go to lunch. Many shops are closed from about 1 until 3 pm.

We have been given a course book called Caffe Italia to use in class. If we want to purchase it, it is 18 euros. The book is all in Italian so I must say that after class I sometimes stay and use Goggle Translate to find out what I did not understand! I won't purchase the book because I don't want to carry anything else around Italy but they have given us many handouts and I have a few notebooks of words and phrases I need to learn. Right now we are learning to conjugate verbs - and it is only day 4. Fiorella (my sweet hostess) is still talking to me in Italian and now I can understand about 2 words. It makes for short conversations!

There is a market here every Thursday but it only goes from 8 am until 1 pm, which is when we have class. Today all of the classes went there and practiced saying our fruits and veggies. I can say "banana", "melone" and "pera" - and I expect that you also know those words.

We then had an hour to shop around. I found a tee shirts for 1 euro which will be worn often. I wish I had found 1 more pair of capris or long, cool pants. I did end up purchasing a wind up watch for 5 euros because I can't figure out how to change the time on my watch. The last time I tried, I accidentally set the alarm to go off at midnight every night and I had to hide the watch in a drawer so I wouldn't hear it!

Of course the market is at the very bottom of the hill and our class is about 3/4 of the way up the hill - more exercise!

At the end of class today we had a pizza party - 6 euros. I do have to keep track of what I spend here since I still have over 11 weeks left in Italy.

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  1. Love reading the updates! Take some pictures of the inside and outside of the house you're staying at, and maybe the outside of the school. Chris wants to know if your bed is comfy.

  2. I will post some pictues of my room and bathroom later today.