Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Musings from Montepulciano

1. Bacon here is not the same as bacon in the USA. I ordered a goat cheese, olive pate and bacon sandwich and realized 2 things: no matter how much you like olives, olive pate is too much of a good thing; and bacons a slab of fat that I tried but couldn't chew. Seymour liked it, though.

2. Moretti beer is becoming a favorite over wine for me.

3. I should remember that a euro doesn't equal a dollar! My budget is totally gone.

4. The supermarket is able to give change for a 100 euro bill - yippee!

5. As often as we have to be plastered against the wall when the cars or local bus pass, Seymour still tries to hang out in the street.

6. I always ride the bus around the whole circuit so I can see the beautiful countryside views I can't see when walking.

7. I still haven't figured out which bus goes past the old church. All busses are orange and have no additional signs on them that I notice but all 3 busses I've taken go different routes. Yesterday I was riding the bus and it always stops at the bus station. An American woman asked the bus driver if this was the bus that went to city center. He said that it would be by in 15 minutes. After driving the back streets of Montepulciano, we arrived back at the bus station and the woman got on our bus. Why he wouldn't just tell her to get on our bus to begin with is beyond my understanding. Maybe to add a little humor in his life?

8. Most cookies here taste wonderful.

9. If you ask for tea here (due to being sick that sounded good to me) they put water in a cup and put it under the steamer/foamer on the espresso machine to heat it. I haven't seen a microwave yet, but I'm sure they have them.

10. I love the way the local young women (women are called "La donna" in Italian- interesting, huh?) dress. They do wear a lot of the long tee shirts with faces on them, but they layer everything just right. Very cool.

11. Italy, at least this part is not particularly religious. Many believe but don't go to church. I wonder how they pay for those big cathedrals?

12. I am told that men and women live with their parents for a long time, for the economy and the convenience. Marriage is not as popular and people will live together instead of marrying. Again, an interesting fact I didn't expect in Italy.

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  1. Good morning Susan! Well it's morning here.
    I just walked Cooper. Shelby walked all the way around the block with us. It's nice and cool this morning. Yesterday morning Johnnie found that someone had stolen the mirror off of her Expedition. Right out of her driveway.. .she suspects Mike. The good thing is that she left her purse in the car overnight and the thief didn't take it. The car was unlocked too! Hope you have a great day! mary

  2. Wow, I hope my daughter is keeping an eye on my vehicles! I hate to hear that things like that are happening in our neighborhood.

  3. I know! The night that it happened Shelby was barking until 3 a.m. We couldn't see what she was barking at. Your vehicles are still there. We are all keeping an eye on your place but those sneaky thieves must be keeping an eye on us. mary

  4. Yikes! I've gone by your house several times and drove your car to dinner in San Marcos one night last night. Nothing looks disturbed. Maybe the family and I should move into the house for a day or two to make it look lived in again.

  5. That's an interesting idea but I'm not sure you could do without cable!