Monday, September 19, 2011

Week Three of Italian Class

First,I will post pictures from the parade yesterday later. I did not bring my camera adaptor to school to download the pictures.

The good news is that I am in the beginner class I should have been in 2 weeks ago, but I probably would have repeated it anyway. There are 5 of us and of course all but me have had Italian classes before, but not as much as the students in the other class. I guess I should have stuck with that class I dropped out of last summer!

There are 2 people from Australia (mother and daughter), one from Germany and a woman from Ohio. She has family in Italy and wants to learn Italian to talk with them. She will only be in class one week but has had another Italian course.

I keep starting new notebooks to try to organize my info but then I get more info and have to start another notebook. I am keeping the supermarket in business with dog food and notebooks! OK, and cookies :)

Seymnour has adapted to the new class of people and the classroom by mostly sleeping next to me.

It rained here last night - thunder and all. Today it is very cool but I don't know the temperature. Some people are wearing coats - I am just wearing long sleeves. I can't see the coat coming out until it gets much colder.


  1. We finally got a little rain on Saturday.
    And then a little more yesterday. We are
    suppose to get a little more today. It is
    also cooler here now. Give Seymour a hug
    for us. mary

  2. So glad to hear about the rain - finally! And a hug for Cooper from us1

  3. You were actually in something other than the beginner class?! How did that happen? I thought you left the entrance exam completely blank!

  4. I don't know. There were actually 3 of us in 2 different classes that should have been together in the beginner class. The other two ended up taking private lessons