Monday, September 5, 2011


This will be short. There is no wifi at the place I'm staying - or no fan! I am waiting for my first class to start. So much to tell!. This is a beautiful town but all hills. I am exhausted from dragging my bag and Seymour up the hills to find my room.
This is where part of New Moon was filmed. I will post pictures later. We just finished our placement test for class and I could not answer one question. I have never turned in a blank test before!

My host family is very nice but speaks no English. She has a dog and Seymour kinda gets along with him. He does growl and bark some. We'll see if that works out. Since there seems to be no A/C here, people leave their windows open all the time so it is very noisy. I am definitely outside of my comfort zone, but that is good for me.

Somehow I left my jeans at the hotel in Rome. How does one not see a pair of jeans? I will probably have to buy some clothes for summer because long sleeves won't cut it. Did I say it is HOT?? caldo ??

OK, we have a break now so I am going to find a grocery store to get Seymour some food.
More later


  1. ACK! No wi-fi, no a/c, no fan. This is either going to make you a much more patient and easy-going person, or it's going to make you never leave home again. :) We miss you here. Praying for you. xoxo!

  2. It's good to hear from you! I'm sorry to
    hear that you lost a pair of jeans. I only
    have a few pair that I like and I would hate
    to lose a pair. The weather is cooling off
    here. Finally!! But there is a really bad
    wildfire in Bastrop!! really bad. 25,000 acres have already burned and they haven't contained it yet!300 homes lost. It is all over the news.
    As soon as the weather started cooling the
    winds picked up and the fires started. Another fire at Steiner ranch. 300 acres.