Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pictures from Montepulciano

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Here is Seymour at Piazza Grande, where part of New Moon was filmed. I think he is waiting to be discovered.

These are some of the streets of the city

Not a good picture but the views are amazing

This view is from outside of my classroom. The person's head is my roomie Paulina.

This was my dinner and Seymour's one night in Rome - notice the chocolate for me and the better food for Seymour!

This was an amazing wine cellar. The place is filled with wine bars because it is known for it's special grapes. There are wine tastings everywhere! I have had wine every day.


  1. Love it! Have Paulina take a pic of you in front of those beautiful places!

  2. You don't want to see me. Make up does not work on a sweaty face and hair is now looking like a loose SOS pad - not a pretty site!

  3. I thought you said curly hair was in there?? I'm sure you look fabulous. Ah, I wish I was there drinking wine and eating pizza/pasta with you.

  4. I look awful! No make up - hair going every which way. I am sure I will go to get a haircut while I am here.