Friday, September 23, 2011

Pigeons in Montepulciano

Just a short post. When I first came to Fiorella's house I asked her (through Paulina) if the pigeons that stayed along the ridge of the houses ever got in the house because windows are kept wide open most of the time. She said that she has been there for 38 years and that has never happened.

Well, I am guessing that no one has ever left an open package of cheese on their bedroom window sill before. I was trying to keep some cheese cooler so I could eat it the next day and when I came home I was eye to eye with a pigeon at my window. I believe he was still thinking of how he could get that big hunk of cheese when I arrived so he wasn't actually in my room, but closer than I have ever seen one. I quickly moved the cheese to my closet and closed the window.

Today I opened the window before I left for school. I hope the cheese smell has gone away. I do not want to have to share my small room or my cheese with a pigeon. This is a story I will not be sharing with Fiorella!

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