Saturday, September 24, 2011

More about Pienza

There was another side to this town. I saw 2 signs not allowing dogs- one was a beautiful walkway around edge of the town where you can see the best views of the countryside.

The other was at an outdoor restaurant, which is very rare.

I also got a chance to experience for the first time one of those "European" restrooms that only have foot prints carved into the floor and a hole. The only thing I have to say about that is that my legs are about ready to fall off and the last thing I need is to try to bend and hold that position without falling to the floor. Grab bars would have been nice. Is that TMI?

I had also heard that in Italy, menus had to reflect if the food was fresh or frozen. The place I ate at in Pienza showed that the pasta was indeed frozen, i.e not freshly made. They also have to give you a receipt for anything you buy to show that they are claiming all of their sales. I have found that all of the stores are diligent about that. I was just thinking that maybe I could inquire about being a secret shopper here to make sure shop owners are giving those receipts - which would allow me to stay longer! Of course I have 2 more months of unknown travel so I may be ready to come home sooner!

One parting picture. I like seeing the clothes hanging outside. I have yet to see how they get them there. Fiorella has an indoor drying rack-probably because the windows face the main street. I won't tell her that I dry my underwear in my bedroom window almost every night:)

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  1. I think those clothes lines are on a pulley. I have never been to Italy but in the movie REAR WINDOW they had a line outside the second or third story window. That is so cool! Sounds like you are roughin it! It also looks like a lot of fun. except for the bathroom squatting! mary