Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Pictures from Montepulciano

Seymour in class - his favorite position

I think this was one of the streets used in New Moon where Bella (I think had to run to get to the Piazza)

Here is another view from the city.

Here we are touring the market today. One of our teachers, Sara, is giving us a lesson in what to say.

Here is a small portion of the market

I thought that this was a cool vehicle

This is another view of the Piazza Grande - I sit by this old well to get internet connection at night.


  1. Susan,

    I've just found the email with the blog info, and have just read everything since August 31st! Wow! What an adventure! Mostly it sounds like things are going well -- other than the heat and lost things...

    Brent and I will keep reading. Scrivere di piu! (Write more!)



  2. I. Am. So. Jealous.