Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some (Close to) Final Pics of Montepulciano

As I was walking Seymour for the 1 millionth time, I decided to take a few more pictures of the things I see regularly.
This painting is on the side of a building - not a church.

These walls still impress me. I have been wanting to take a picture of a garage here - it is cut out of the stone and looks like a cave. But here is another picture of one of the walls in the city.

For my wine-loving friends, these wine shops are all over town. I couldn't begin to guess how many there are - but they all have free wine-tasting! And I am pretty sure they only sell versions of Nobile wines.

This is the little grocery store I stop at almost every day on break from school and buy a Diet Coke light. The owner is kinda gruff and hardly ever talks to me. When he finally - almost under his breath - said buongiorno, I felt like I won a contest. He now acknowledges me with a small head nod or an actual hello. I wonder if he will notice that I am gone? But the interesting thing I wanted to show is the beaded doorway. Many shops have this and I'm thinking it is to keep the air flowing but most of the bugs out. He has his tied back today. And the guy in the picture is a customer. I wouldn't even try to get a picture of the owner!

This is a back entrance to the city. I found it a couple of days ago when I found a set of stairs I followed - and then a few hills - and there it was!

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  1. Susan,

    Hooray! I'm glad you're back to posting. I was suffering terribly without my daily dose of SusanBlog.

    Thanks for keeping up with this. I really enjoyed your description of the store owner and his behavior.

    A Fan in Austin,