Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday in Pienza

Seymour and I spent the day in Pienza. It is only about 20 minutes from Montepulciano by bus. It cost 1.95 euro each way so about $5.50 or so in dollars. The town is smaller than Montepulciano and flatter, but it is still very pretty. Interestingly, I've been walking the hills here for 3 weeks yet walking for an hour or 2 on flat ground hurt my legs now. I guess it's like wearing high heels all the time, you legs are used to another position! Pienza is a very big bicycle town. Everyone rides them - and all ages. Since it is flat, I can see why. I see people in Montepulciano all the time riding bikes but they are athletes in their tight bike shorts, not little old people in their sweat suits.

Pienza is known for their goat's cheese. It is pretty stinky and you can tell it is aged because it is mostly in some wax coating with leaves still stuck to it. I tried a few kinds and they were good but I didn't think I could eat much more cheese at this point. In fact, on the way home I stopped to get prunes, so enough said!

Here are some pictues of Pienza. They had a big sign saying that next years they were celebrating 550 years the church as been there. Amazing!

Their entrances to the old city are similar to Montepulciano.

And of course the side streets are quaint.

This statue made me feel better about myself.

More pics from Pienza and the view from the city to the countryside.

Seymour resting in the park in Pieza. Nothing seems to impress him except new smells and things to pee on!

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