Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grazie Google Translate and Vadafone!

My life has just become easier. Now that I have access to the internet at my house I used Google Translate to replace my much missed room mate Paulina. I wrote my questions and responses in English and Fiorella read the translation in Italian. We had a wonderful personal conversation this morning and I think that helped both of us get to know each other better. Much of our conversation I will keep to myself but we did talk about the cost of things. Electricity here isn't as expensive as water, but then they don't have A/C or dryers. Pensions are pretty low here but then social security is also little. She has lived in her house for 38 years. She keeps it beautifully.

The school didn't tell her who my new room mate would be or where they are from so it will be a surprise to both of us. She only takes women in her home so at least we know that much.

I tried to take a video of piazza grande this morning but somehow only 2 seconds recorded. I will practice more so I can add videos periodically to this blog.

Seymour and I went to the supermarket again this morning. I am now getting 6 cans of dog food at a time. I will have to up my food budget! On the way down we saw a small parade with drummers and a few people in Rennaissance costumes. On the way back, the parade grew very large and there were many groups of period costumes. I'm not sure what it was about. I tried to ask Fiorella (without using google translate) and I think she said they were students but since they were all ages, I probably didn't ask the question right. I will post pictures of the parade later today.

Fiorella is cleaning the house to get ready for the new student who will be staying a month so Seymour and I are back at piazza grande. There are lots of tourists and tour groups in town. I love feeling more and more like a local. Seymour is getting used to the church bells. In fact they are going off right now and he is shaking a little but is still resting beside me. I can't say the same for the drums in the parade. They really scared him and passed by closely so I had to hold his ears and hold him close to me to calm him down. Piano, piano.

I am very comfortable here but will be more comfortable as my Italian gets better. In fact, I get sad thinking of leaving Montepulcian in two weeks. I went to buy my bus ticket to Chiusi today. That is where I catch a train - to somewhere.

But at least I have 2 more weeks to enjoy this city.

BTW, I did see that the Italians and French have the longest lifespan in all of Europe and surpass USA. We need to exercise and drink more wine!!


  1. what does piano, piano mean? I looked piano up on google translate and it said plan. mary

  2. It means "slowly,slowly". I don't know if it is slang but I hear it all the time.