Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday in Montepulciano

I should be studying but I keep falling asleep! After I explored the market at the piazza, Seymour and I walked around town. I noticed that many people smoke, but there must be a law against smoking in buildings because they all stand outside. Speaking of outside, although there is a street outside of my window but no bars, people seem to congregate to talk and laugh most of the night outside of my window - especially on weekends. No wonder I'm always tired!

Anyway, we walked to the supermarket and found that it is only open from 9 am to 1 pm on Sundays (it was 2 pm) Seymour has some canned dog food left but it is not his favorite. Hopefully it will hold him over until after school tomorrow.

I stopped for pizza and a coke - cost about 3.7 euro - which was reasonable. Here is a pic of pizza and beer I had the other night.

As you can see, their pizza is very thin. It has some sauce and some cheese but it is not overdone. Maybe I am just spoiled, but I prefer Betos pizza in Pgh! Looking at this picture makes me want another beer right now, but I do have to study! I will have to write down the name of this beer because it was good.

Here, you order your food and stand at a bar to eat or drink. If you want to sit at a table, there is a table charge of about 20%. They do not expect tips in Italy so it comes to about the same as a tip. I don't like standing because by the time I stop to eat or drink, I am tired and want to sit.

I am wondering if people in Italy live longer than Americans because of the exercise, olive oil and red wine? Hopefully, I am working on extending my life :)
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  1. Susan,

    I'm really enjoying reading about your time there. Thanks for keeping up with it. I feel like I'd miss out if you did not write so often.

    Godetevi ogdi giorno! (Enjoy each day!)

    FYI - Important NFL news - Houston won today; Dallas plays tonight.



  2. Hi Susan,

    Art and I also enjoy reading these. It's a if we were there with you. I would like to know how "old" people are referred to regarding age, besides she is as old as a building! Love, Sharon and Art

  3. I will have to look back through my pages and pages of notes to find out how they say "old" nicely!

    I'm glad you all are enjoying my posts.

  4. The market closing at 1 p.m. almost sounds
    like you're in Wimberley. mary

  5. Ugh--I hate people talking while I'm sleeping. Reminds me of Kerrville.