Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday in Montepulciano

Again, I was a day off. I was thinking today was Wednesday and then I remembered that tomorrow is the last day of class for 2 of my classmates. Forget trying to remember the day of the month. I think I need a calendar.

I am feeling much better but still taking my medicine. I probably should use google translate to see what the pharmacist gave me. I'll continue to take it for a few more days, just to be on the safe side.

Things are better at home. My roomie is remembering to include me in conversations, which helps a lot. I still butcher the Italian words I think I know and unfortunately the easy ones never come up in conversations. I did look up the word for "better" since Fiorella asks me that every morning - probably because she already knows my name and she knows that this is the other question I know! So I said "meglio", pronounced may-yoh, and she understood me. Small steps - piano, piano.

I took a picture of the road Seymour and I walk every day. I'm not sure if you can tell how narrow it is, but it is a one car lane. The front area is wider because it has another street that merges with it.

This is another street I discovered yesterday - quite pretty.

Here is one of the little grocery stores that are scattered around town. I go there sometimes but I usually go to the bottom of the hill to the supermarket. All of the shops in town are in very small spaces.

For those of you asking, this is the only picture I have of Fiorella because she is like me and doesn't like her picture taken.

These poster boards are all over town and I guess are used to let people know what is going on. There are lots of concerts here. There was even a rock concert last weekend.

There was a Corvette gathering at the piazza grande last Sunday. I heard that the cars were from England but I didn't look at the license plates.

This was a poster in front of a Music or Art Museum (I forget)

This is a very interesting carving from a tree in that same Music or Art Museum entrance. (Dogs aren't allowed) Wouldn't Seymour have fun at this tree!!

At school today we got to go to the weekly market again. After walking around learning the names of various fruits and veggies (again) we were given about 45 min to shop. I found this backpack for 10 euro. He assured me it was good quality :) I plan to use it for the additional clothes I've purchased here and then get rid of my American clothes and try to stuff the backpack into my carry-on to go home. I also found a pair of cotton pants that tie at the ankle (so European) for 10 euro and a shirt (gaudy but fits) for 5 euro. I really should be set now, but I think I said that before!

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  1. Hey! We just discovered that we can enlarge the pictures! So now we can see everything much better. We're really enjoying the tour of Montepulciano. As of this morning the dollar was 1.38 for one euro. Of course with the exchange rates you'd better think of the euro as costing 1.50. Hope that helps. Love, Sharon and Art.

  2. I haven't exchanged any money in awhile. Banks won't exchange money for anyone who doesn't have a bank account. I have used the ATM once but didn't check the exchange rate. I will now - thanks for keeping up with it. I'm having enough trouble trying to keep up with my Italian language homework.

  3. I love all the pictures! Really makes me feel like I'm seeing what you're seeing! Cute backpack, too! Miss you!