Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seymour's Day in Montepulciano and the Parade

7:00 am. I have to drag him out of his crate or off of my bed to take his walk. Being a partial city dog now, he often pees on car tires and buildingd - like most dogs here. We did find a place where workers have blocked off an area and some weeds are growing so he likes walking there.

-As at home, if he doesn't want to go a certain way, he let's me know.

Here is Seymour with his host doggie, Kerikoo (I have it written somewhere but there are too many papers on my desk to find the correct spelling)

This is my old room mate, Paulina. I miss her! Seymour wasn't being cooperative.

Here are some pictures of the parade. The cool thing was that later that evening we were out and part of the parade was still going on and 2 of the men did an impressive flag show - throwing them high in the air, etc. Of course I have no pictures of that because I was too busy holding Seymour's ears due to the drums being right behind us!

Have I said that I love this city!!

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Location:Via del Piè al Sasso,Montepulciano,Italy


  1. Susan,

    Let us know how you're feeling. I'm hoping much better since you're writing more and sending pictures. Oh! We received our postcard in today's mail -- beautiful. Thanks.

    Take care and keep practicing.

    Joan and Brent

  2. Susan,

    How about a picture of your hostess? We've heard so much about her and she seems really nice. We hope you are feeling better and are getting some rest at night. Are people still talking outside your window every night? We also got the postcard of Sienna. It looks like a great place to visit. By the way, the dollar has increased in value against the euro since you left so look for the best exchange rate. We're glad you are having such a great time. Love, Sharon and Art

  3. nice pics!! thanks for sharing. i look forward to your blog everyday! mary

  4. The parade reminds me of New Moon. Look for Bella to run out and stop Edward from revealing himself as a vampire.

  5. Maybe that is where they got the idfrea :)

  6. ciao Susan:)

    Greetings from Poland for you, Fiorella and dogs of course;)
    I'm first time here.. now just for a moment..but I'll be back soon:) I'd like to read your memories from Montepulciano..I'm curious what you write:)
    how your Italian?..belive in your progress:)

  7. My dear Paulina and ex-room mate -
    Thank you for writing. I do miss you. My Italian is still not very good but I have one more week to learn it all :)
    I hope you are well and have good memories of here. Susan