Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Full Day in Rome

This morning I had breakfast at the hotel. Seymour wasn't allowed in the restaurant so we sat outside. The weather was fine for eating outside. I fed Seymour some of the meat from the buffet and as usual he liked the spicy sausage best. I loved the crusty rolls they serve and will be eating many on this trip. The buffet was a bit expensive at 14 euros but I'm getting to expect that, at least around Rome and the other big cities. It will be interesting to see if prices are cheaper in the smaller villages.

We had to get to the train station to purchase a train ticket to Chiusi-Chianciano for tomorrow morning. It took a train and a subway to get to the train station but this time we got a small map of the stops from the hotel. I could have used that last night!
Here is Seymour waiting for the train.

And here is one of the trains. Many are filled with graffiti. I like the graffiti on the trains but not so much on many of the buildings.

I read a travel guide about how to purchase tickets using the automated machine and that worked well. I upgraded to 1st class at a total cost of 22.5 euros vs 17 euros - mainly because I am really hoping for A/C. I'm on a quest! I am tired of dripping! Our train leaves at 8:22 am so I have already asked for a wake up call for 6 am. There was one good result in not sleeping for the past 24 hours, I acclimated to the time change pretty well. Now I'm just always tired.

Seymour and I wandered around the train station and stopped at McDonalds for a grande Coke which cost 2.2 euros, or approximately $3.00 and it wasn't as "grande" as the ones we get back home. Not really complaining just sharing the prices over here. The bargain was the 24 hour transportation pass at 4 euros. You can use any of the intercity trains, subways or buses as often as you want within 24 hours. It will still be good tomorrow morning to get us to the train station. BTW, the train station is like a mall. Two stories of shops.

We then went to the Colosseo stop on the subway and when you get off you are right across from the Colosseum. It is so awesome to see.
And here is tourist Seymour posing as usual.

I really wanted to go to the Trevi Fountain again but didn't have the energy to do it. Hopefully we will go when we end up in Rome at the end of our stay. I always loved the old movie "Three Coins in a Fountain" and it was this fountain that was featured.

I found a grocery store so took Seymour back to the hotel and went to get some goodies - crusty bread, cheese, chocolate, cookies - and dog food. Obviously, I didn't need anything else for lunch or dinner today!

I have felt very safe here. I think it helps to have Seymour. First, they don't know if he is a mean dog (yep, he'll lick you to death) and second most people seem to be dog lovers so they have a soft spot for him.

Luckily Seymour doesn't know how long he'll be on this trip because he seems to want to get home. He jumps up on me and when I ask if he wants to go for a walk, he runs back into his crate - he wants to go alright and he is willing to suffer another 16 hours in his crate to get home. Hopefully he will get along with the dog we are going to live with for a month and he'll be happy again. Or the dogs won't get along and we will be staying in an apartment and eating the Italian version of Ramen Noodles for a month.

We are off to Montepulciano tomorrow to meet that dog - and his owner. I will talk to Seymour about being on his best behavior.


  1. I'm so glad you're doing these updates, and the pictures of Seymour are great! So cute! Wonder if you'll make it into any photos! :) Sounds like you're having a good time. I'm so glad. Hope Seymour adjusts to the new surroundings.

  2. Hope you had a great trip to Montepulciano and that the dogs enjoy each other. We are on Skype now. Email us your Skype name.

  3. Great blogging Susie! Love the pic of Seymour in front of the Collosseum!

  4. That pic of Seymour is f'n hilarious. Love it. So wish I was there. That's all I can say. McKenna