Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yesterday we spent all day in Siena. It cost just over 5 euros each way by bus and the trip takes about 1 1/2 hours. The last time I was in Siena I really only saw the square but this time I walked all over for 7 hours. Paulina and I went together but shopped separately and met up when it was time to catch the bus back.

I found a pair of sandals for 10 euros and a pair of culotte-type pants for 10 euros. Both on sale. I also found a 99 cent store and bought a few things there. One over priced item I had at lunch was a Coke light. It cost 4.5 euros or about $7 for a can of Coke! I guess they were charging for the view of the piazza - and for some ice they added. Another telling thing I saw was a picture of a line of dogs, all dressed for different countries. The one for America had a dollar sign on their tail. I guess they think we are all rich.

There were street musicians and those people painted gold that look like statues. I loved one man's violin playing and bought his cd. I talked with him and found out he is from Czech Republic. BTW, Seymour HATES violin music and church bells - both very common here due to all of the churches and music in the churches :)

If you remember the Seseme Street song "One of these things is not like the other", someone could have sang that talking about me in Siena. " One of these 10,000 people is not like the other" since I was the only one in long pants, a long sleeved shirt and regular shoes! Now I at least now I have one summer outfit.

Fiorella let me wash clothes today and was surprised that I had a single packet of Tide since they also use that here. When the clothes are dry, she has a drying rack I can use. I had been washing small things in the sink and hanging them out the window.

I am at the Piazza Grande and they have set up a little market here. I am going to walk around it and then go back to the house to hang up my clothes and study. Later I Will come back and post some pictures.

One week is already over. I am butchering the Italian I am trying to use. I called myself an ancient building instead of "old". They said they have no word for a person being old - how nice.

Oh, and a correction - it is not true that all the fruits and veggies here are organic. The person who told me obviously wasn't from here. As in the USA, Fiorella said it would be too expensive if they were all organic but there is a store that sells organic.

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