Friday, September 16, 2011

Italian Homework and Class Work

I'm probably the only one in class who actually does their homework for hours every night. Most others seem to open their book at the beginning of class and just say the answers. I admit it, I am the slow one. I will be repeating this course starting again next week.

Just a little view into the work I have been doing - and this stuff is in piles.

In our last few days of class, we are having "fun" doing competitions. We are put into teams and have to do things like name all of the animals we know. Now, I have hundreds of pieces of paper and not one is related to animals. I know "cane" because I have one - not a cane, a dog with an accent. I want to know where everyone else learned the names like cow, bird or horse? Needless to say that whoever is stuck with me on their team pretty much ignores me. Yep, those are sure "fun" competitions.

Next week some of the students will graduate to the next level. I will be looking up animal names.

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  1. You poor, poor thing. Just remember that what you have learned that's on the tip of your brain will come forward the more time you spend there. But, from someone who's lived in the country of my foreign language for two years, it takes a long time to learn a language. Sometimes your brain has to adjust, but then things start to fall into place. It's the journey...mck

  2. You're brave for doing this! We're all proud of you! You and your cane! :)