Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going to the Post Office in Montepulciano

I finally went to mail a few postcards yesterday and it was another interesting experience. First you go a machine where you take a ticket related to what you want to do, ie get stamps, mail a package (OK, I'm making up what each ticket means since I still can't read much Italian). But Paulina told me which ticket to take. It said:
"Posteitaliane standard Montepulciano Postamat E009". E009 had to do with the reason I was there and you had to watch a screen to tell you which window to go to.

Well, that didn't work because my number never came up but a person nudged me toward a window (I felt a little Italian disgust in the nudge) so I went to the window. I shoved the postcards into the slot and the woman behind the glass window counted out stamps, shoved the postcards back at me with the pile of stamps. It cost 1.6 euro to mail a postcard which is about $2.00. I wish I had something important to say on those expensive postcards!

I then took my stamps to an empty ledge in the post office and put them on each card. I could not figure out what to do with the cards when they were ready to mail so I went outside and found a slot that looked like a letter slot. Hopefully, it was. They have taught us nothing about how to use the post office in language class - not that I would have understand them.

Oh, and the post office is only open until 1 pm and our class isn't over until about 1:15 pm so I had to spend my one 30 minute break in line at the post office. Not that I mind but Seymour looks forward to his walk at that time!

I sure hope those postcards get somewhere beside the garbage dump!


  1. What a complicated process! Geez! Do they need to make it that hard?!

  2. i guess it is organized in their way - and if you understood italian

  3. They need to raise their taxes and get some 9 - 5 postal service!! ha ha. Have you learned to curse in Italian yet? They may come in handy when you get those Italian nudges. McK

  4. It sounds like an "I LOVE LUCY " episode.mary

  5. I just recently found and am reading through your blog, as I have a small chi-pug mix and want to know how to take him abroad. I love your observations and yes, I mailed postcards from Rome once that never went through! :(