Monday, September 26, 2011

Parades, Parades, Parades Weekends in Montepulciano

When I was writing my blog on Saturday, a parade passed my window. Parades here are different than in the USA. First, there are no vehicles, politicians, clowns or candy being thrown. There are multiple groups of people dressed alike with a band in each group. The groups can be spread out over 5 - 10 minutes. You think the parade is over and then you hear more music coming.
Here are some pictures I took from my bedroom window. While the parade was passing, Seymour was hiding under the bed. Live music is not his thing.

Any cars you see are not in the parade; just people who live here trying to get home.

I got excited so I hurried (as fast as I can up these hills) to piazza grande to see what was going on with these bands. When I got there, I saw no bands, but I did see another wedding.

In front of the wedding party (I might add that they are posing in front of MY fountain) was a group related to the local symphony with lots of old instruments on tables.

There were also clowns giving out balloons. I think they were with the group called "Climb for your Health". To me, that group was in the wrong town. You have no choice but to "climb" here. They should have been in Pienza, where it was flat and there was very little climbing. As you can see, these weren't scary clowns.

They also had large sheets of Dolce (sweets) they were cutting up; I am assuming that was for the crowd there and not the wedding party. I am almost "dolced out" so I passed. Well, and I have a shelf full of my own "dolce".

Today I went back to piazza grande and the symphony folks were there again and they had a 3 piece group playing classical music - 2 on violins and one with a cello. Again, Seymour wasn't impressed but I enjoyed it. I took a video but still can't figure out how to upload it to this blog. For some reason all of my email addresses have not carried over to my iPad so I have only been able to email my videos to a few people.

Tonight I am trying to organize and consolidate my pages of Italian handouts so that I can have less to pack when I leave on Saturday. I can't believe my time is almost over in Montepulciano!

Weekends here are always festive.

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Location:Via di Valardegna,Montepulciano,Italy


  1. Beautiful bride! Are those price tags on those horns? mary
    p.s. can dogs wear ear plugs?

  2. Has it been four weeks already?! Have you decided where you are going next? You may want to find somewhere quiet for the Seymour. The pictures are great but we were not able to view the video. We'll figure it out eventually. Sharon and Art

  3. I didn't notice if there were price tags - darn! I do hold Seymour's ears when I can, but under the bed works best for him when we are home. I have my next stop scheduled and will put it in my blog. Susan

  4. BTW, don't forget that dad's 90th b'day is Thursday. I hope that you've found a great place to stay for your next trip segment. I imagine that it will be difficult to leave Montepulciano. Sharon